Erin Mandley   |   I'll Be Seeing You-Venice   |   art-history   |   January 2010

A city that is so small, but will never be familiar.

San Marco.
The Italian style boardwalk I guess? Beautiful Venice at sunset.
Some of my many gondola pictures.
View from the top of San Marco.
Amanda, Katie, Morgan and Betsy ontop of San Marco. I'm in the piazza.
The flat white building on the very left is the Guggenheim.
Long story. Doug is pretending to be from Istanbul.
The beginning of the "photo contest" between Betsey and I, lol.
The water taxi.
View from the water taxi still.

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We water taxied into awesome! We wound up the narrow streets to the beautiful little hotel Bruno where we were greeted by even greater hotel staff and gorgeous rooms! We walked to Piazza San Marco that same night, and got incredible views of Venice and the water. The Guggenheim and Accademia were impressive, as was San Marco itself. It was a short, cold, lovely little visit though. Venice, I'll never know you, but I certainly won't forget you. On our flight home, I met Mike Tyson. Just throwing it out there. I have his john hancock to prove it : )

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