Ashleigh Remmers   |   120 Hours at Fox Hospital   |   business-administration   |   January 2010

“Some of my mornings began at 5 AM, but I wouldn't have changed it at all.”

My "bunny suit!"  I loved it so much they let me keep one!
A typical operating room
The CT Tech
The Adult Day Care Center--just like day care for children.  They have breakfast and lunch, and do activities.
The sterilizers
My day in Biomedical Engineering.  Each piece of equipment in the PT office needed to be inspected and replaced with a new sticker.
Fox Care Center--it's like a mall, but all the stores are different doctor offices.

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I was always really interested in healthcare, and then later I became interested in business. My advisor had connections at Human Resource offices in local hospitals, so I ended up doing an internship at A.O. Fox Hospital. In two and a half weeks I completed over 120 observation hours in almost 75% of the hospital. I got to see business aspects (payroll, accounting, accounts receivables, foundation, complaints, quality management) and had clinical experiences (nursing, respiratory therapy, radiation therapy). In my interview I told my work supervisor I loved to work, he made sure I did!

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